I first became interested in photography in my 20’s when visiting a lifelong friend who had a 35mm film camera and kitchen darkroom. Through the many years I have taken and developed pictures of just about every subject on slide and negative film. During the last ten years I have made a home studio in a large room of the house which has opened up many more possibilities for my photography. Today I would say my main areas of interest are portraiture, glamour, landscape, wildlife and flora and forna.

Way back at the beginning I had a trusty Pracktica LTL3 35mm camera which gave me great service for many years before moving on to Minolta, Cannon and Bronica 645. I was finally won over to digital in 2003 finding the qualities of the Fuji S1 to my liking. As cameras have progressed I have stuck with Fuji having upgraded to S2,S3 and the S5 fitted with Nikon lenses. As  Fuji moved out of the DSLR market I upgraded in 2015 to a full frame Nikon D810. In 2019 I made the change to mirror-less Full Frame and the Sony A7iii camera.

I have been hooked on photography ever since first seeing a film taken, developed and seeing the pictures printed. Spending many hours in my darkroom and nowadays in front of a computer screen experimenting with Photoshop and all it’s never ending ways to improve, enhance and change your shots.